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Cover: 'Valiant'

Staff Review: "Valiant" by Sarah Mc Guire


After her mother’s death, Saville’s father, who is a tailor more in love with his precious material than his family, moves them to a small, gloomy, dirty shop in the city of Reggen. Soon after, her father suffers what appears to be a massive stroke, leaving him bedridden and Saville with the responsibility for his care as well as their livelihood. Despising the tailor business but knowing how to sew, she dresses in boy’s clothing, poses as the tailor’s male apprentice, and visits the king hoping to receive commissions for new clothing. Dismissing rumors of a fierce army of giants preparing to attack the city, she encounters two giants on her return trip and uses her wits to trick them into not hurting her. Saville's seemingly astounding feat is quickly blown out of proportion and widely spread throughout the kingdom, causing King Eldin to summon her to the palace to reward this brave hero. Of course they believe that she, is really a he, and there are lots of twists and turns in this tale including her developing tender relationship with Lord Verras, her friend William and even the giants.  I loved this strong, tender, adventurous story with a brilliant heroine that rings true of friendship, love, honor and defending those you love. Written for tweens, this wonderful retelling of “The Brave Little Tailor” will surely satisfy and warm your heart.

Audience: children | Genre: fantasy

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