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Cover: 'Wanderess'

Staff Review: "Wanderess" by Elise Fitzsimmons, Nikki Vargas


While not an in-depth travel guide, this is a fantastic starting point for travelers who identify as female and/or are traveling alone and want extra tips on staying safe. This brightly formatted book includes concise tips, packing lists, resources, travel quotes, and more. Included is everything from how to pack light to managing anxiety while traveling to public transportation tips (I wish I would have known there were women-only taxi services in London while I was there!). I loved the travel experiences included throughout, and have a few quotes that really stick out at me too, such as the following: "There are both a warrior and a curious child inside of you that come to the surface when immersed in new cultures. You learn things about yourself that only those circumstances could have taught you. You give pieces of yourself to the people you meet, and they leave pieces of themselves embedded with you forever." - Evita Robinson

I also really appreciated that there were sections devoted specifically to travelers of color and LGBTQIA+ travelers. This really does have something for any traveler who identifies as female or wants tips specifically on traveling safely alone, whether you're traveling pregnant or traveling with menopause, whether you like adventure or you'd rather relax once you've arrived. There are also chapters on sustainable travel, how to volunteer with animals while traveling, and how readers can support other women while traveling, which were my favorite sections. This is definitely a travel guide I plan to pick up again and again!

Audience: adults | Genre: adult nonfiction

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