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The War That Saved My Life

Staff Review: The War That Saved My Life

"The War That Saved My Life" by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

Cover: 'The War That Saved My Life'

10-year-old Ada lives with her brother Jamie and mother in a filthy, rat infested one-room flat in London. She is often abused by her mother who does not allow her to go outside because her mother is ashamed of her clubfoot. When Jamie is being shipped off with other children to the country to avoid injury from bombings during the war, Ada escapes to join him. When Susan Smith, a women still grieving a recent death is forced to take them in, they cannot believe their luck. Susan has a pony, running water, a clean house with several rooms and plenty of food to eat. But the lingering past abuse still haunts them. This is a wonderful, redeeming, remarkable tween novel featuring a brave young girl and her brother learning to love, trust, overcome the obstacles in their lives and believe in happiness.

Audience: Children, Tweens | Genre: Fiction, Award-Winning, Newbery Award Winner


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