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Wish Upon a Sleepover

Cover: 'Wish Upon a Sleepover'

Staff Review: "Wish Upon a Sleepover" by Suzanne Selfors


Leliani has only one friend, Autumn, and the popular group of Haileys at school look like they would be fun friends, so she decides to plan a sleepover and invite them. However, with her confused grandmother helping with the party, the kids on the “Do Not Invite” list get invited instead of kids on the  “Do Invite” list. So now she’s stuck with the worst sleepover guests ever: Todd, her older cousin, who farts obnoxiously all the time, William, a boy in her apartment building who doesn’t even talk (selective mutism),  and “Manga Girl,” who always wears hoodies /hats with horns/cat ears and draws obsessively, most likely, Leliani thinks, mean pictures of her, and of course her old friend Autumn.   

As if things are not bad enough already, Leliani's mother is too busy to shop and her grandmother prepares some kind of ancient magical Sleepover Soup broth for the party which her grandmother says is a Hawaiian tradition. With no real food or activities on the day of the sleepover, the guests and Leliani decide to follow the instructions on her grandmother’s recipe card and go on a scavenger hunt to find and add each of their own special, meaningful ingredient to the sleepover soup. Then, according to the instructions, they  take the soup pot outside and make a wish under the moonlight to the ancient Hawaiian god, Hina-i-ka-malama, with of course surprising results.

I loved this magical, charming tween book for its simplicity and honesty, and yes I was rooting for all of these characters. This is a quick, wise, wonderful read. It just might change your life, at least a little. Ah, there's the magic! 

Audience: children, tweens | Genre: fiction

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