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Young Jane Young

Staff Review: Young Jane Young

"Young Jane Young" by Gabrielle Zevin

Cover: 'Young Jane Young'

Aviva Grossman is a political intern in Florida. When she has an affair with her married boss, she feels the wrath from society as "the other woman." Unable to find work anywhere due to the scandal, Aviva reinvents herself as Jane Young far away in Maine. Years later, Jane decides to run for mayor of her small town. However, the past comes to light and threatens to ruin the election for Jane Young. Will the past ruin Jane's future? Told from the viewpoints of the women in Aviva's life, her story explores the double standards women face daily, especially in the political world. This book had me laughing one moment and feeling angry the next. Recommended for any fans of contemporary realistic fiction.

Audience: Adults | Genre: Contemporary Fiction


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