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Wicked Plants

Wicked Plants

Adults Some plants may be nice to look at, have a pleasant smell or a sweet taste, but not all plants are created equal (nor are they equally safe!)

Join us for an interesting program about "wicked" plants with experienced gardener Eileen Riehle. She'll show us examples of plants you may want to avoid smelling, touching or eating! (Don't worry, we'll just show pictures of the plants, audience members will not be put in any danger!)

Free and open to the public, no registration required. Call the Stratford Branch for more information.

  • 📅 Tue., 4/9/19, 67pm @ MCPL Stratford

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Some plants may be nice to look at, or have a pleasant smell, but beware! Other plants can be dangerous. Join us to find out more about these wicked plants! 🖶