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What's It Worth? Antiques Appraisal

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What's It Worth? Antiques Appraisal

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Antiques expert Mark Moran is coming back to MCPL Wausau for his seventh (and final) appraisal program! This will be the last chance to get his expert opinion on those antiques, knick-knacks and handed-downs!

Moran, who has more than three decades experience buying and selling antiques, will be on hand to share for free the history and value of the items you bring (see below for what's/what's not accepted). He plans to retire from appraisal events after 2020, so it's the last chance for Mark's informed take on that piece you've always been curious about!

(If you don't have an item you'd like appraised, that's okay: Everyone - especially fans of the PBS program "Antiques Roadshow" - is welcome to stop by the library during this event just to watch what others bring and learn about antiques.)

There is no charge to have an item appraised, but we do have a limit of one item per person. Registration is required for appraisals, which usually take 3-4 minutes, and slots will fill up fast! Call 715-261-7229 to register or for more information. 

Categories of objects for appraisal may include
Americana, including autographs and historical documents; Fine art, including paintings, drawings, prints and statuary; Furniture (usually smaller pieces are best); Ceramics, including figural pottery, vases, dishes, kitchenware and stoneware; Glassware, including marbles and souvenir items; Vintage photographs, including snapshots, tintypes, ambrotypes and daguerreotypes; Advertising, including posters, lithographed tin, paper and figural objects; Folk art, including carvings, quilts, weathervanes, windmill weights and "outsider" art; Assorted toys, including dolls (bisque, composition and plastic), windups and mechanical banks; Metalware, including iron, bronze, brass, pot metal, silver, silver plate; Clocks, including mantel, hanging and figural; Costume jewelry, including brooches, bracelets, earrings; Musical Instruments, including string, wind and reed instruments; Antique and vintage lighting of all kinds; Books; and Sports Memorabilia

Excluded items: all weapons, including swords and knives; traps (like leg-hold); Nazi memorabilia; coins and paper money; fine jewelry, including precious gems; Beanie Babies.

  • 📅 Sat., 2/22/20, 1:304pm @ MCPL Wausau [Community Room (level 2)]

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Antiques expert Mark Moran is coming back for his seventh appraisal program! Sign up to learn the value of your antique, heirloom or collectible item! 🖶