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Wouldn't it be great if there was a social media site where you can track the books you've read and see what your friends are reading? There is, and we can show you how to get started! 

During this free class, adults will learn how to use Goodreads, a social media site that tracks books that you have read, are currently reading and want to read in the future.This class will show you how to set up an account, how to start tracking books, how to add friends, and how add a review or rating, and more. Attendees will also have free time at the end of the class to explore the site. 

This class is free and open to adults. Registration is required. For more information or to register, call 715-446-3537.

  • 📅 Fri., 6/26/20, 1:303 p.m. @ MCPL Hatley

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Learn how to use the literary social media site Goodreads during this free class! 🖶