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Virtual Gardening: Heirloom Biographies

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Virtual Gardening
Heirloom Biographies

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Join us for a free, virtual class with Extension Marathon County on the history and importance of heirloom plants!

In this interactive online program, we will hear the backstory of some of our favorite heirloom varieties, including a local favorite, the Beaver Dam pepper. After learning the cultural and economic significance these plants have served historically, we'll discuss the differences between the terms heirloom, hybrid, open pollinated and GMO (or genetically modified organism.)

This class, led by Extension Horticulture Educator Janell Wehr, is open to the public and registration is required by noon on Nov. 11. Click here to sign up and please email

  • Virtual Gardening with Extension Marathon County: Heirloom Biographies
    📅 Register Mon., 11/9/20, 23 p.m. CST @ Zoom (Online)
  • 📅 Register Tue., 11/10/20, 67 p.m. CST @ Zoom (Online)
  • 📅 Register Thu., 11/12/20, 2:303:30 p.m. CST @ Zoom (Online)

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Join us for a free, virtual class led by Extension Marathon County and learn more about the history and importance of heirloom plants! 🖶