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Events: Hands On

solar system

Grab & Go
Our Solar System

Children Registration [except Wausau] Drop-in Create your own solar system in your tiny little corner of it, with this fun grab-and-go kit!

  • 2/12/26/21 @ All MCPL Locations

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rainbow mobile craft

Grab & Go
3D Rainbow Mobile

Children Registration [except Wausau] Children, or their parents or caregivers, can stop by any MCPL location in March and pick up a take-home kit to make their own 3D rainbow!

  • 3/13/31/21 @ All MCPL Locations

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pom pom garland craft

Grab & Go
Little Treasures: Pom Pom Garland

Adults & Teens Registration [except Wausau] Stop by any MCPL location in March and pick up a "Little Treasures" kit to make your own colorful pom pom garland craft at home!

  • 3/13/31/21 @ All MCPL Locations

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