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Events: Preschool

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Trail Tales

Children Drop-in Join us for more Trail Tales this summer at Marathon Park! These collaborations between the library and the Marathon County Parks Dept. are a great way to exercise the body and the mind!

  • 6/157/13/20 @ Marathon Park

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Grab & Go
Jack & the Beanstalk

Children Registration Drop-in Kids can plant their own bean at home and watch it grow throughout the summer, with supplies and instructions provided by the library via curbside pickup, as well as stories for budding green thumbs!

  • 7/137/18/20 @ MCPL Hatley
  • 7/207/25/20 @ MCPL Edgar
  • 7/278/1/20 @ MCPL Athens
  • 7/277/31/20 @ MCPL Wausau
  • 8/38/7/20 @ MCPL Mosinee

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Trail Tales

Children Drop-in Take a stroll through Bluegill Bay Park this summer and read while you walk with our Trail Tales program!

  • 7/157/31/20 @ Bluegill Bay Park

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Create Your Own Crown!

Children Drop-in Make and decorate your own royal crown!

  • Thu., 8/13/20, 10 a.m.4 p.m. @ MCPL Marathon City

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Grab & Go
Bow-Tie Noodle Butterfly

Children Registration Kids and their caregivers are welcome to pick up a take-home kit from the library and create a butterfly craft using brightly painted bow-tie pasta!

  • 8/248/28/20 @ MCPL Athens

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tissue paper paintings and art supplies

Preschool Art Lab: Tissue Paper Painting

Children Drop-in Preschoolers can make colorful tissue paper paintings!

  • Fri., 11/20/20, 10 a.m.2 p.m. @ MCPL Rothschild

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