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Services / Resources: Food and Cooking


The following are third-party websites suggested by library staff for your consideration according to our Materials Selection Procedure. Use these websites at your own risk; they are not controlled or monitored by the library.

All Recipes

This general cooking resource provided by Allrecipes Magazine includes recipes, how-to videos, and other resources.

Web Food and Cooking

Choose My Plate

This resource from the USDA includes the current national dietary guidelines and meal planning tools.

Web Food and Cooking


This cooking resource provides recipes, menus, and other resources for a wide range of food and dishes.

Web Food and Cooking


This resource includes recipes, videos and news from the cooking world.

Web Food and Cooking

Food and Human Nutrition - USDA

This resource of the National Agriculture Library includes information on dietary guidelines, food safety, meal planning, and more.

Web Food and Cooking

Food Network: Recipes & Cooking

A collection of recipes available for use

Web Food and Cooking

This resource includes information on food recalls, food poisoning, and food safety fundamentals such as safe minimum cooking temperatures and food storage.

Web Food and Cooking

This resource is a "USDA-sponsored website that offers credible information to help you make healthful eating choices."

Web Food and Cooking

Simply Recipes

This general cooking resource focuses on recipes that work and are worth the effort.

Web Food and Cooking

Wisconsin Local Foods Database

The Wisconsin Local Foods Database is a statewide resource to help connect Wisconsin farmers to school nutrition directors. The database contains detailed information on farms throughout Wisconsin in order to help school nutrition directors easily find and maintain partnerships with local farm businesses (and vice versa). Any farmer/producer or school food...

Web Food and Cooking Small Business