Book Connections

Powered by TeachingBooks, this resource is focused on enriching everyone’s connection to children’s and young adult books and empowers all readers to:

  • connect deeply with a book they are reading; 
  • gain new insights and understanding from award-winning authors; 
  • reinforce cultural authenticity and perspectives with diverse books; 
  • cultivate a life-long love of reading; 
  • find author interviews, lesson plans & interactive activities, discussion guides, and more to support literacy instruction.

Access to this resource is provided by Badgerlink. BadgerLink is Wisconsin’s Online Library, providing Wisconsin residents with licensed content not available through regular search engines. BadgerLink is a service provided by the Department of Public Instruction, and its resources and staff are paid for with state funding and federal funding from the Institute of Museum & Library Services. For more information about BadgerLink, visit

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