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Children's Events

boy painting art

Visit your local MCPL for children's activities for all ages, including story times, arts & crafts, family movies, early literacy programs, STEAM / STEM events, music and theatrical performances, hands-on learning, our summer library program and more!

Follow this webpage or subscribe to our e-newsletter for the most recent schedule of library events for kids at our branches in Wausau, Athens, Edgar, Hatley, Marathon City, Mosinee, Rothschild, Spencer and Stratford. We also publish featured kids events on our social media channels.

Please note: If you plan to bring a large group to a children's event at the library, please notify us using our group visit form.

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greeting card with a hand-drawn blue heart

Grab & Go
Notes of Encouragement

All-Ages Registration Drop-in Stop by the library to pick up supplies for making cards of thanks and encouragement to health care workers, then drop them off and we'll take it from there!

  • 10/510/30/20 @ MCPL Marathon City

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crafted bats and plastic spiders

Grab & Go
Coffee Filter Bat Craft

Children Registration Drop-in Show some love for bats this fall, and get creative at the same time, with this fun take-home craft project!

  • 10/2610/30/20 @ MCPL Athens

children activities art crafts hands-on learning nature »


Grab & Go
Pokemon Suncatcher

Children Drop-in All ages of Pokemon fans will enjoy making this Pokeball suncatcher craft!

  • 10/2611/6/20 @ MCPL Wausau

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colorful alphabet letters

Grab & Go
Letter of the Week

Children Registration Drop-in Let's learn our letters with books and fun activities for your little one(s)!

  • 10/2610/30/20 @ MCPL Rothschild
  • (more events in this series [4])

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origami owls and monsters

Grab & Go
Origami Bookmarks

Children Registration Drop-in Whoooo ... made that awesome bookmark? You can with a grab and go kit with everything you'll need for an origami bookmark!

  • 10/2610/30/20 @ MCPL Hatley

children crafts »

craft supplies

Grab & Go
Weekly Story Time

Children Registration Drop-in Stop by the library and pick up a package of crafts, books and other activities to do your own story time at home! A different theme each week!

  • 10/2610/30/20 @ MCPL Edgar

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child reading picture book

Virtual Story Time

Children Hear a variety of stories read by library staff live on Facebook!

  • Tue., 10/27/20, 1010:15 a.m. @ Facebook (Online)
  • (more events in this series [8])

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event example [10178]

Colossal Fossils Presents...

Children Registration Join Colossal Fossils for a virtual 16-week course on all things dinosaurs, fossils, and mammoths in partnership with the Marathon County Public Library! New topic each week!

  • Register Tue., 10/27/20, 45 p.m. @ Zoom (Online)
  • (more events in this series [8])

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handmade notebooks

Grab & Go
Make Your Own Notebook

Kids & Teens Registration Drop-in Celebrate Picture Book Month with a recycled book project available in a convenient take-home kit.

  • 11/211/6/20 @ MCPL Marathon City

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colorful pan flute made from paper and straws

Grab & Go
Homemade Pan Flute

Children Registration Drop-in Stop by the library to pick up a kit and make your own flute at home!

  • 11/211/6/20 @ MCPL Spencer

children crafts »

event example [10242]

National Adoption Month Read Aloud

Children November is National Adoption Month, so join us for a special read-aloud about families and adoption!

  • Wed., 11/4/20, 1010:15 a.m. @ Facebook (Online)

children preschool story time »

colorful wet felted acorns

Grab & Go
Wet Felting Acorn

All-Ages Registration Drop-in Stop by the library to pick up a kit to create a lovely fall craft using the fun (and simple) technique of wet felting!

  • 11/911/13/20 @ MCPL Athens

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felt button turkeys

Grab & Go
Button Turkeys

Children Registration Drop-in Grab a premade kit for a fun fall craft to create your own felt turkey!

  • 11/911/13/20 @ MCPL Hatley

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event example [10238]

Grab & Go
"Wonder"-ful Kindness

Children Registration Drop-in To celebrate World Kindness Day on the Nov. 13, pick up a kit at the library centered on all things kindness and featuring the book "Wonder" by RJ Palacio.

  • 11/911/13/20 @ MCPL Mosinee

children crafts grab and go »

tissue paper paintings and art supplies

Grab & Go
Preschool Art Lab: Tissue Paper Painting

Children Registration Drop-in Preschoolers can make colorful tissue paper paintings at home with a convenient kit available for pickup at the library!

  • 11/1611/20/20 @ MCPL Rothschild

children preschool art crafts hands-on activities »

bear hibernating in cave

Hibernation Station Story Time & Grab & Go Craft!

Children Registration Drop-in The forest animals are getting sleepy... Enjoy a virtual Story Time with fun books and fascinating facts about our animal friends who are hibernating this winter, and a fun craft to go with it!

  • 11/1611/20/20 @ MCPL Stratford

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event example [10137]

Grab & Go
Thank You, Omu! Gratitude Jars

Children Registration Drop-in Stop by the library to pick up a family activity based on the book "Thank You, Omu" by Oge Mora.

  • 11/1611/20/20 @ MCPL Marathon City

children activities art community crafts »

owls made from pine cones and felt

Grab & Go
Pinecone Owls!

Children Registration Drop-in Kids are invited to stop by the library to pick up a fun craft kit with supplies for your own pinecone owl!

  • 11/1811/25/20 @ MCPL Athens

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harmonica craft

Grab & Go
Make Your Own Harmonica

Children Registration Drop-in Explore the sounds of science with this awesome craft stick harmonica you can make at home!

  • 11/3012/4/20 @ MCPL Athens

children tweens activities hands-on learning music science »

event example [10119]

Grab & Go
Magical Snowman

Children Drop-in Make a colorful, magical snowman with this Grab & Go kit!

  • 12/712/11/20 @ MCPL Spencer

children crafts grab and go covid-ready »

event example [10237]

Grab & Go
Colorful Winter Hat Craft

Children Drop-in Kids can make a colorful paper winter hat with supplies from this kit!

  • 12/712/11/20 @ MCPL Mosinee

children pre k pre school covid-ready grab and go crafts »

event example [10240]

Grab & Go
Paper Bag Snowflakes

All-Ages Drop-in All ages can stop by the library to pick up a fun winter craft kit containing supplies for making paper snowflakes!

  • 12/712/11/20 @ MCPL Stratford

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octopus craft

Eight-armed Octopus & the 8-yr-old Aquarium!

Children Drop-in Help us celebrate the 8th anniversary of the Phyllis Donner Aquarium with a special eight-armed octopus craft and link to a virtual story!

  • 12/712/18/20 @ MCPL Wausau

children preschool activities crafts nature »

colorful worms made from pipe cleaners, beads and googly eyes

Grab & Go
Pipe Cleaner Snake

Children Drop-in Kids can stop by the library to get a Grab & Go kit to make a pipe cleaner snake!

  • 12/1412/18/20 @ MCPL Rothschild

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