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The MCPL Blog: Articles by Tristan Kelly

Video Games @ your Library

March 3, 2008

We now have video games available for checkout at the MCPL - Wausau Headquarters! We have also have a few board games that can be played while you are at the library (not currently available for checkout), plus two computers in the TeenZone area that are networked so you play games one-on-one against your friends! Want more info.? Here is a little Q & A to help you out: Video Games for Checkout: Q: How long can I check out these games? -- A: You can check out ONE game at a time. The checkout period is 14 DAYS. Q: Are the games renewable? -- A: The games can be RENEWED ONCE, but no more then once. Q: What are the fines if the games are overdue? -- A: If games are overdue, the FINE IS $1.00 PER...

HUNTING @ your library

November 13, 2007

It may be to late for you to hunt for a wild turkey for your Thanksgiving dinner, but you still have your opportunity to bag a "thirty-pointer". The time is upon us for hunters to be sitting in their stands waiting for white-tailed deer. Why not pass the time by reading up on hunting a little more? Stock up on some good books before you head to your deer camp.                                              Marathon County Public Library has a hunting display on the second floor of the library...