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Design Your Own Butterfly Garden

Design Your Own Butterfly Garden

All-Ages Butterflies are not only beautiful and fun to watch, they are crucial to our environment, too!

All ages are invited to come learn how to create a lovely habitat for butterflies in your very own yard! Discover why butterflies are important, which butterfly species are common to our area, the types of plants that serve as host and food sources for them, and how to sketch and create your own butterfly garden.

This event is free and open to all ages. Attendees are welcome at any of these programs - we'll have different content at each! For more information, call 715-257-7292.

  • 📅 Wed., 3/20/19, 67pm @ MCPL Stratford
  • 📅 Thu., 4/4/19, 67pm @ MCPL Athens
  • 📅 Wed., 4/17/19, 67pm @ MCPL Stratford

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Learn about the importance of butterflies to nature, the species that are native to Wisconsin and built a butterfly garden, with all supplies provided! 🖶