Request for Proposals: Strategic Plan & Mission Statement

Marathon County Public Library (MCPL) invites consultant proposals to facilitate and coordinate the development of MCPL’s first strategic plan and review the library’s mission statement. MCPL desires a citizen involved process that results in an actionable plan with near and long term goals.

Scope of Services

The following section describes the minimum components/phases of the scope of work:

  1. Coordinate planning process – The consultant will conduct an initial meeting with key decision makers to refine the process and establish the timeline. During this process, a Strategic Steering Committee will be formed to offer insights and help direct the process.
  2. Community Engagement – The consultant will develop a concise summary of the citizen engagement phase. MCPL expects the consultant to propose a community visioning process. This process may include, but is not limited to, online surveys, stakeholder interviews and public meetings. MCPL is looking for a blend of involvement approaches that will engage all segments of our diverse community. The library is also looking for a strong social media communication strategy for the citizen engagement phase. The library wants to encourage feedback and participation opportunities. The process should generate excitement within the community, encourage new ideas and foster a sense of optimism about the future. The objective is to obtain a wide range of perspectives. The consultant will develop a concise summary of the citizen engagement phase; facilitate this process and compile all findings.
  3. Development of the Strategic Plan – The consultant will meet with the Strategic Steering Committee to review the citizen engagement input and develop a strategic plan and mission statement that articulates a vision for the library, develops key focus areas, highlights strategic initiatives, and establishes goals and metrics by which the success of goals and initiatives will be measured.
  4. Strategic Plan Deliverable – The consultant will develop a concise strategic plan and mission statement document that identifies key strategic focus areas and highlights critical initiatives within each focus area including goals and performance criteria.
  5. Plan Communication and Implementation – The consultant will provide a presentation to the MCPL Board of Trustees. The consultant will provide recommended citizen communication strategies regarding plan results and recommendations for future follow up.

Submittal Requirements

Five (5) copies of the proposal along with an electronic PDF file stored on a jump drive must be submitted in a sealed envelope by 4:00 p.m. CST on Friday March 31, 2023. Please mark “Proposal for Marathon County Public Library Strategic Plan” on the envelope.

The mailing and hand delivery address is: Leah Giordano, Library Director; 300 N 1st Street; Wausau, WI 54403.

Request for Proposals Document

The complete RFP document is available below and at the following link:

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Marathon County Public Library

Marathon County Public Library (MCPL)