Early Literacy Center

The Early Literacy Center at MCPL Wausau is an enclosed area of the children’s department specially designed for young children and their caregivers!

“Early literacy” is a term for what children know about language before learning how to read. This includes what letters look and sound like, recognizing rhyming words, knowing how a book works and recognizing that printed text has meaning. These concepts are learned by talking, singing, reading, writing and playing with a caregiver.

The library’s Early Literacy Center has a direct focus on these skills. The center offers a variety of board books, a cozy reading nook, a letter and number rug, fine motor and interactive sensory walls, and the ever-popular reading bathtub!

Extra activities such as puzzles and other play elements may be offered based on current health conditions and advice from the Marathon County Health Department.

The Early Literacy Center was made possible by the following generous donors: the Marathon County Public Library Foundation, the Wausau Early Birds Rotary Club, and the Community Foundation of Northcentral Wisconsin.

Early Literacy Center
Marathon County Public Library

Marathon County Public Library (MCPL)