YOLO @ MCPL Stratford

YOLO, a pop-culture acronym short for “You Only Live Once,” has taken on a new meaning at the Stratford Branch.

YOLO, standing for YOuth Library Opportunities, is also the name of MCPL Stratford’s youth team!

The group had a busy year in 2023, including helping with Summer Library Program events, decorating the library, and planning and running pre-teen and teen events.

The fun and leadership opportunities will continue in 2024! New this year is a monthly, informal drop-in called Third Thursdays where members can discuss favorite books and movies, play games, brainstorm for events, and help out with small library projects. The next formal YOLO event is Creative Journal Making on April 2.

Interested youth in 5th-12th grade can call 715-687-4420 to learn more and get involved.


YOLO craft activity
YOLO face painting
YOLO group members
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