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Marathon County Public Library

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Holiday Hours & Closings

The following exceptions to our regular hours of operation affect all locations of the Marathon County Public Library.

Date Closed
Thu., 12/23/21* All day
Fri., 12/24/21* All day
Sat., 12/25/21 All day
Fri., 12/31/21* All day
Sat., 1/1/22 All day
Mon., 1/17/22 All day
Sat., 5/28/22 All day
Sun., 5/29/22 All day
Mon., 5/30/22* All day
Mon., 7/4/22* All day
Sat., 9/3/22 All day
Sun., 9/4/22 All day
Mon., 9/5/22* All day
Wed., 11/23/22 By 5:00 p.m.
Thu., 11/24/22* All day
Fri., 12/23/22* All day
Sat., 12/24/22 All day
Sun., 12/25/22 All day
Mon., 12/26/22* All day
Sun., 1/1/23 All day
Mon., 1/2/23* All day